Book Club Discussion

The Lady in Blue: A Maria Chavez Mystery is an excellent choice for book club reading, because it provides opportunities for discussing not only the story and characters, but also the cultural milieu in which the story unfolds.

Jeanne suggests the following as possible book club discussion questions:

  • Bonaca‚Äôs characters reveal themselves in realistic tones of gray, not black and white. Discuss how this applies to the different characters in the book.
  • What is the relationship between Maria Chavez and the desert?
  • Why did Maria become a police detective?
  • Why do illegal immigrants continue to cross the Mexican border into the United States in spite of the terrible risks?
  • What should our country do about illegal immigration across the Mexican border?
  • What is the relationship between Maria and the Lady in Blue?
  • Do you think law enforcement is described realistically? Why or why not?
  • What is the theme of the book?